[Fr., from the Gk.] The animal occupy -ing the lowest rank among the many celled animals, and next above the Protozoa, or single-celled animals. It consists of a network of horny or fibrous substance, or of lime or silica. This is covered and filled with a slimy flesh, through which run numbers of tubular passages. The sponge remains in the place to which it is attached under water, drawing in water and letting it out again, and feeding on the particles in the water. Coarse sponges are fished up with harpoons. Men dive for the fine sponges, and cut them off with knives, and the skeletons washed of their slimy flesh and dried are the sponges of commerce. The large bath-sponges come from the Mediterranean and the Bahamas. The zimocca comes from the Mediterranean. The yellow hard-head sponge is found in American waters on the Florida coast. It is dense, thick, and bard. The finest, softest, and most delicate sponge is the Turkish toilet sponge, from the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Grecian Arch:pelago. Sponges are of all shapes and colors - like a vase, trumpet, globe, or branch of a tree. Neptune's cup is a curiously-shaped sponge. Venus's flower-basket is made of glassy threads. Sponges are useful for the bath, are made into a kind of cloth as a foundation of carpets and rugs, and are sometimes used to stuff cushions.