(Gk. typtein, to strike.] A letter cast in metal in a mold or cut in wood for printing. Including fancy types, some three or four hundred varieties of face are made. Besides ordinary Roman and Italic, the varieties most in use are Old English, Old Style, Clarendon, Antique, Black Letter, and Script. The principal sizes are - Ruby, Diamond,Pearl, Agate, Nonpareil, Minion, Brevier, Bourgeois, Longprimer, Small Pica, Pica, English, Greatprimer. Type-metal is an alloy of lead and antimony, sometimes with a little tin or nickel or copper. In type-founding a punch or die is first made on the end of a bar of soft steel, and then hardened; then a matrix is made in copper, with a mold or box in two parts for casting.