Bee-Glue, formerly called Virgin-wax (Propolis:), is another balsamic production of the bee, which deserves to be noticed : it is a kind of natural mastich, of a reddish colour, and very agreeable smell. Small pieces of it are frequently found in the holes and crevices of the hives, where it is employed by those little artists, as a cement for excluding cold, rain, and noxious insects.

In the immense forests of Poland and Russia, where bees select their own habitations in the hollow trunks of trees, the bee.-glue is deposited in much larger pieces, and of a superior flavour, to what is obtained in countries where these insects are reared by the aid of art. The inhabitants of the former, generally use it as a vulnerary application, to promote the healing of fresh wounds. Dr. James, in his "Medicinal Dictionary, " praises the bee-glue as being gently heating, abstergent, and attracting: it softens indurated parts, alleviates pains, and induces cicatrices on ulcers."

Stings of Bees are more Vi-indent than even those of wasps, and sometimes attended with very violent effects. As the sting is barbed, it is always left in the wound. When, therefore, a person is stung by a bee, the sting should be instantly extracted; for, by its peculiar form, it will penetrate progressively deeper into the wound, and communicate more of its poison, according to the time it is suffered to remain. It should be carefully pulled out with a steady hand ; for, if any part of it breaks in, remedies will in a great measure be ineffectual. When the sting is completely extracted, the wounded part should be sucked ; and little, if any, inflammation will ensue. If a few drops of spirit of hartshorn be immediately rubbed on the part affected; the cure will be more speedily accomplished. This spirit, however, acts only as a stimulating anti-spasmodic, enabling the vessels to overcome the spasm formed on their extremities. An application of Goulard-water, or a cold saturnine poultice, would produce a similar effect.

Another simple remedy, equally efficacious and expeditious, is a solution of indigo in water; speedily applied to the injured part.

Honey and olive oil may also be occasionally substituted with advantage; but their application should be repeated till the pain ceases.