Bird-Cherry, or the Prunus Padus, L. is a species of cherry-tree, growing wild in several parts of Britain, especially in the North of England, "and some parts of Norfolk.

The Bird-cherry tree attains a height of fifteen or twenty feet, is of a shrub-like growth, with a branchy top; its leaves are large, ob-long, rough, and serated ; the fruit large and red. - See With. 455. From the fruit of the Bird-cherry an agreeable wine may be pro-duced : and it is affirmed in the Transactions of the Swedish Academy, for 1774, that its kernels, when deprived of their external rind, afford so good a substitute for almond milk, that the most experienced persons cannot ascertain the difference. Its wood is much used on the Continent, by cabinet-makers and upholsterers;-its inner bark affords a green lixivium for dyers. ,