Couhage, or cow-itch, as it is erroneously called, Dolichos pru-riens, L. is an exotic plant, growing in warm climates, especially in the West Indies. - It produces crooked, leguminous, coriaceous pods, thickly set with spiculae, or sharp hairs, which penetrate the skin, and cause a violent itching. These spiculae are used in South America in cases of worms, and have lately been employed in Britain for the same purpose : all the hairy part of one pod, mixed with syrup, or treacle, and taken in the morning fasting, is prescribed as a dose for an adult. The worms are said to appear after taking the second or third dose ; and, by means of a brisk laxative, the stools are reported, in some cases, to have consisted almost entirely of worms. Although no inconvenience appears to arise from the internal use of this medicine, we doubt its virtues as a vermifuge.