Dead-Nettle, or Lami-um, L. an indigenous plant con-sisting of three species, of which the following are the principal:

1. The album, or White Dead-nettle, or White Archangel, which is perennial, grows on rubbish, corn-rields, and ditch-banks, bloom* in the month of May or June, and also in September. The flowers of this species have been much celebrated for their efficacy in pulmonary disorders, and in those incident to females; but their virtued appear to be precarious. Early in the spring, the young plant is eaten by the country people of Germany and Sweden, among their sanative, culinary herbs.

2. The purpureum, or Red Dead-nettle, Bed Archangel, of Dee-nettle, which is an annual plant, grows in rubbish, corn-fields, and kitchen-gardens, and flowers in the month of May.—* The leaves of both plants may bo boiled and . eaten as greens : the latter is relished by sheep, goats, and horses, but refused by cows.