Drunkenness, is that state from the intemperate drinking of liquors, reason has lost its powers, and the person intoxicated is unable to govern himself.

This odious vice is but too prevalent among the lower order of people, who, under the erroneous idea of drowning care, indulge themselves in strong liquors ; and by gradually acquiring habits of intemperance, not only undermine their constitution, but also become a disgrace to society.

Drunkenness may be considered as a breach of the law of Nature, which directs us to preserve the use of our reason. By the law of this country, it cannot be pleaded as an excuse for committing trespasses and crimes ; nay, any person who is found intoxicated, incurs a penalty of five shillings, or, in case of non-payment, is to be set in the stocks. Those who are guilty of it a second time, may be bound in a certain sum for their good behaviour ; and, if any ale-house keeper be convicted of the offence, he is liable to be deprived of his license for the term of three years. These are wholesome regulations, and it is sincerely to be wished, that they were more frequently enforced, as well for the benefit of individuals, as on account of the national character. - See Intoxication.