Faselnut, or Areca catechu, L. one of the most curious Indian plants, which attains its greatest perfection in the island of Ceylon. It grows to the height of 25 or 35 feet, without any branches, but has very beautiful leaves; the trunk is remarkably straight, and the leaves form a round tuft at the top. Its fruit is contained in a yel-lowish shell, externally smooth, but rough and hairy within, resembling that of a cocoa-nut, though in size not exceeding a large walnut; its kernel is not unlike a nutmeg, and contains in its centre, while soft, a greyish andalmost liquid substance. The ripe fruit is astringent, and its consumption in the East Indies is perhaps more general than that of tobacco in Europe ; as every person chews it, together with the leaves of betel, after mixing with it lime made of sea-shells. This mastication occasions much spitting, cools the mouth, and fastens the teeth and gums ; it is likewise said to sweeten a fetid breath, and to strengthen the stomach : for these conjoint purposes it may, even in our colder climate, be advantageously employed ; and as we possess perhaps no plant of similar efficacy, it might be easily imported.