Fly-Struck, adisorder peculiar to sheep, which is occasioned by a fly that settles and deposits its eggs on them, and very materially injures the quality of the fleece.

In order to remove this malady, it has been recommended to cut oft' the wool, as far as it is infected, and to pour a few drops of the following mixture in a circle round the maggots, produced from the flies, to prevent their escape.— Dissolve half an ounce of corrosive sublimate in 2 quarts of rain-water, to which a gill (1/4 of a pint) of spirits of turpentine should be added. When this compound is poured on the back of the diseased animal, in the manner above directed, the shepherd ought to drop a little among the maggots, and rub them about with his finger: in consequence of which, they will be immediately destroyed. - Another remedy, after clipping the wool, is to rub the parts infected with finely powdered lime, cr wood-ashes, and afterwards to anoint them with currier's oil, which will heal the wounds, and secure the animals from being stricken again.