Sublimate, a chemical pre paration, consisting of Mercury combined with the marine acid. Being extremely corrosive, and the manufacturing of this drug being attended with great danger to health, it is generally imported from Venice and Holland; paying a duty of 9 1/2d. per lb.

Solutions of corrosive sublimate, in the proportion of one dram to a quart of water, are chiefly employed for consuming proud flesh, and cleansing foul ulcers. A much weaker solution is sometimes used by the gay, as a cosmetic for removing cutaneous eruptions. In a dry state, mixed with flour, honey, etc. the sublimate forms a powerful composition for destroying rats, mice, or other vermin; but, on account of its deleterious properties, the greatest caution is requisite, particularly in places to which children have access : for, as they are accustomed to taste every thing, such mistake might be productive of fatal consequences. In case, however, any portion of this poison should have been accidentally swallowed, no time should be lost in resorting to the remedies already pointed out, in vol. i. p. 74.