Styptic, a term applied to medicines, which serve to stop hemorrhages, or effusions of blood.

Various vegetables maybe advantageously employed as external styptics, such as the Agaric, Puff-ball, etc.; but there are certain preparations of greater efficacy, the principal of which is the compound powder of alum. It consists of one ounce and a half of alum, and three drams of gum kino, which are finely pulverized, and incorporated. - One of the most successful styptics, however, is prepared by mixing one part of the caustic volatile alkali, with three parts of water : if this fluid be applied to a fresh wound, it effectually checks the flowing of bipod, both from large and small vessels.

Prof. Stark, of Jena, recommends the following styptic powder ; which, according to his experience, has proved uncommonly efficacious in suppressing profuse uterine hemorrhages, namely: Peruvian bark, two drams; cinnamon, one dram; blood-stone (lapis haematites) half a dram; and loaf-sugar, twodrams: let these ingredients be reduced to a fine powder; a tea-spoonful of which is to be taken every hour, or oftener, in chamomile or balm tea. - We have no doubt of its good effects.