Cosmetic, any medicine, or preparation, that renders the skin soft and white, or contributes to beautify the complexion.

Various articles have been obtruded on the public attention, by ignorant and speculative persons, as possessing every property that may tend to improve the surface of the body but which have gene-rally been found to consist of the most hurtful metallic ingredients, such as the various preparations of lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. To those, however, whose decayed countenances seem to justify them in the use of cosmetics, or, who are determined to employ them, instead of attending to the more effectual means of preserving the bloom of their skin, it may perhaps be of service to point out two or three harmless external application-, chiefly with a view to pre-cent them from using dangerous and pernicious specifics.

According to the late Dr. Wi-thEring, an infusion of horseradish in milk, makes one of the safest and best cosmetics.

Another preparation for clearing the skin of pimples and recent eruptions, if assisted by gentle aperient medicines, is the fresh expressed juice of house-leek, mixed with an equal quantity of sweet milk, or cream.

Prof. Pallas recommends the water distilled from the flowers of the Nymphoea Nelumbo, a plant in-digenous in the Asiatic part of Russia, on the banks of the Volga ; and which, by his account, imparts an agreeable softness and delicacy to the skin of the face and hands.

Frequent bathing will also contribute to theprolongation of youth, and preservation of the external integuments. To these remedies, we venture to add honey-water made to the consistence of cream, so that it may form a kind of varnish on the skin, which, especially when chapped by frost, will be much benefited by this application : and if it occasion any irritation or uneasiness, a little fine wheaten flour, or pure hair-powder, should be scattered on the hands or fare;

Without exception, the best cosmetic, in our opinion, is temper-ance ; as, by avoiding excesses of every kind, the body will retain its natural tone, the uniform circulation of all the fluids will be facilitated, and those disgraceful eruptions, we too frequently observe on the features of the younger part of the present generation, will be utterly effaced.