Foul, a disorder in cattle, which proceeds from a peculiar state of the blood, and a watery rheum that descends into the legs, and occasions swellings. To remove this malady, it has been advised to throw the diseased quadruped on its back, and to tie its legs together, when the skin is to be slit with a sharp knife, in a straight direction above the heel. After this operation, a plaster consisting of nettles, garlick, and salt, should be applied to the wound, for a day or two : thus, it is said, the animal will be effectually recovered.

The appellation foul is also given to a swelling between the clefts, or claws of cloven-footed cattle : it is produced by a worm, and gradually increases till it breaks, at the same time causing the affected creature to halt. To expedite the cure of this complaint, the tumor is dire6ted to be lanced, before it is thoroughly ripe, and as soon as the matter is discharged, the wound should be anointed with a mixture of tar and grease. P»y these applications, together with keening the feet clean, the disorder may be easily removed. - We confess, however, we have had no experience in either cases of this ve-terinary pra6tice.