Foundered, a disease in the feet, to which horses are subject. It is occasioned by hard riding, severe labour, great heats, sudden colds, etc. that inflame the blood, and, as the farriers express it, melt the grease, which descends into the feet; where it settles and causes such a numbness and pricking in the hoof, as in some instances to render the animal affected unable to stand.

The general methods of removing this disorder are, first, bleeding, which operation, if opportunely performed, is calculated to afford immediate relief. - The rapid and irregular circulation of the blood is then to be diminished, by giving the horse cooling salts internally, clysters, an opening diet, and plenty of diluting liquor four or five times every day, together with emollient poultices; which ought to be applied warm round the hoofs, in order to soften them, and to promote a free and equal perspiration.

But the sole or frog of the foot affected, should on no pretence be pared to that excess, which is too frequently done by ignorant far-riers. It will be sufficient to clear away the hardened surface of the sole, that the poultice may properly open the pores. All greasy and oily applications should likewise be avoided, being ill calcu-lated to accelerate the cure.