Hoof, the homy part which* covers the feet of many valuable quadrupeds; but, in this place, we shall treat of it only so far as it relates to that useful animal, the horse.

A perfect hoof should be round, smooth, tough, and short, so that the horse may tread more upon the toe than upon the heel : it should also be rough and somewhat hollow within, having a narrow finish and broad heels. - On the contrary, imperfect hoofs are rather broad than round ; and, if spreading out of the sides and quarters, the heels of such a horse are generally nar-row, and will sooner or later become flat-hoofed, have a weak foot, and not carry a shoe long, nor tra\el far without surbating : thus, by treading more upon his heels than upon his toes, he will walk low on his pasterns, and his Act, through weakness, will be-come subject to what are called false quarters, gravelling (which see), and other maladies, of which we have subjoined a short account.