Hoof-Boney, a distemper arising from external injury, either a stripe, blow, or by a horse bruising himself in his stall, by attempting to strike at the next animal, but missing his aim, and dashing the foot against the post or rail that separates them. It consists of a round horny swelling on the uppermost part of a horse's hoof.

To bring this hard tumor to maturity, it may be covered either with a poultice of hay boiled in stale urine, or with a plaster of wine-lees and wheat-flour simmered together over a fire. By such applications, it is generally dispersed ; parsed : but, if it should come to a state of suppuration, it must be lanced in the soft, lower part with a thin, hot iron, to give vent to the matter: and then covered with a plaster made of the following ointment: Take equal parts of turpentine, deer-suet, and wax; melt them together carefully over a slow fire. The use of this salve should be continued; till the ulcer is perfectly healed.