Riding, in general, .signifies, the act of being carried along in any vehicle, or on the back of an animal.

Riding is one of the most useful species of exercise, particularly to convalescents and invalids; as it tends to clear the intestinal canal, to remove obstructions, to promote digestion, and to facilitate the dis-charge of crude matters. The most healthy mode of riding, is that on horse-back ; but, if a person weak and exhausted, it will be; more advisable to employ a carriage. In all cases, however, the agitation ought to be moderate, one window in the coach being left open, so that respiration may not be impeded or confined.

The most suitable time for this exercise, in the summer, will be the morning, previously to par-taking of any food ; or about the middle of the day in the spring, autumn, or winter; but it should never exceed the space of one hour, or an hour and a half. Thus, the invigorating influence of the air will beneficially operate on the human system, and greatly contribute to the establishment of health.