Galbanum, a gum that exudes from the stem of the Bubon gummiferum, L. or Gum-bearing Macedonian Parsley, a native of Persia and different parts of Africa. - The concrete juice is semi-pel-lucid, soft, and tenacious ; of at yellowish-red colour; a strong smell; and a bitterish nauseous taste. The best sort is imported in pale-coloured masses, which, when opened, apparently consist of clear white tears. - This gum is of an emollient and resolvent nature ; a tin&ture prepared of half an ounce of it, dissolved in eight ounces of proof spirit, of which one spoonful is taken every two hours, has been found serviceable in chronic asthmas, and inveterate coughs, where expectoration required to be supported. It is chiefly employed ex-ternaily, in white swellings, as well as obstructions of the abdomen, and frequently in the form of a plaster, though it is more efficacious in a liquid state. - In hysteric spasms, and inflamed hemorrhoids, we are not acquainted with a better appli-cation ; but, in the latter case, the painful parts ought to be previously covered with linen rags moistened in lime water, before the tincture is dropped upon them.