Goatsbeard, or Tragfo-pogon, a genus of plants comprising 16 species, two of which are indigenous.

1. The pratense, Yellow Goafs-beard, or Go-to-bed-at-noon (because its blossoms close about the middle of the day) grows in meadows and pastures, where it flowers in June. - Dr. WitheRing remarks, that the young roots of this plant, in spring, may be boiled and eaten like asparagus, as they possess, a similar flavour, and are nearly as nutritious.

2. The porrifolium, or Purple Goat's-beard, is also found in meadows, and not unfrequently in up-land pastures ; it flowers in the month of May. - The succulent roots of this vegetable, when cul-tivated in gardens, are called 5a/-sal-safy, sheep, and horses, eat the whole of this plant; swine devour it with avidity, but it is not relished by goats.- The tender roots afford a delicious salad, and also an excellent substitute for asparagus.