Gold Of Pleasure, or Common Camline, Alyssum tivum, v. Moenchia sativa, L. an indigenous plant, growing in corn-fields, frequently among fax (with the seeds of which it is supposed to have been imported from foreign countries); - it flowers in June.

This plant is cultivated in Ger-many, on account of its seeds, from which an excellent nil is expressed: one bushel of the former yielding from 24 to 23lbs. of the latter, which is equally useful for culinary and other economical purposes.

According to German writers, the seeds of the Common Camline afford a larger proportion of lamp-oil, and which is of a finer quality than that obtained from rape-seed; though it is more liable to become rancid. Nevertheless, the culture of the former strongly recommends itself to the farmer ; as it will grow in unfavourable weather, when flax cannot prosper. The Gold of Pleasure, however, requires a well prepared soil, should be thinly sown, and not harrowed in too deep : if properly cultivated, it yields more than one hundred-fold.

The seeds of Camline are like-wise a favourite food with geese and other poultry. - Horses, cows,goats, and sheep, relish the plant.