Poultry, a term including every kind of domestic fowls which are heared about yards, such as cocks, hens, ducks, turkeys, etc.

Poultry constitutes part of every farmers stock, but the rearing of it is, in this country, seldom productive of any pecuniary advantage ; for, though fowls are considered chiefly as an article of luxury, F and sold at high prices in the market, they never repay the value of the corn which they have consumed, especially if such grain must be purchased. With respect to farmers, we are aware, that the profits arising from the stock of the poultry-yard, are claimed by custom as the market-money of every housewife. Nevertheless, we conceive, it would be more conducive to their mutual interest, if this expensive perquisite were compensated by an annual allowance of pin-money. Indeed, where profit is the object of the husbandman's labours, no poultry should be admitted into the vicinity of barns unless for the purpose of picking up scattered grain : though, in general, it cannot be denied, that they acquire their fat substance from the corn left in the straw, by negligent threshing.~For the most economical methods of rearing fowl, the reader will consult the articles Cock, Hex, Duck, Goose, Turkey, etc.—See also Chafer : vol. i. p. 486.