Granulation, a chemical process, by which metallic sub-stances are reduced to small grains. It consists simply in pouring the melted metal into cold water, from a considerable height. Lead or tin may be granulated, by pouring them when melted into a box, the inner surface of which is to be rubbed with chalk, and the box shaken till the metal becomes cold. The design of granulation is chiefly to facilitate the combination of metals with other substances; because, from their great ductility, they ate incapable of being pulverized, and liable to contract impurities from the tedious operation of filing. - See also Lead and Shot.

Grant lation is also applied to w eat when divested of its husk, and other surrounding parts, so that the heart or middle of each grain only is preserved entire. In this state, it is called Semolina, and often sold by grocers : it affords an excellent and nutritive food, especially for children and invalids.