Gravel In Medicine, is a disorder affecting chiefly the bladder and ureters ; it is occasioned by a sandy or gritty substance which collects in those parts, produces considerable pain, and at length obstructs the due secretion and excretion of the urine. '

Although the gravel is generally considered as the forerunner of the calculus, or stone, yet we are convinced from experience, that they are distinct diseases; and that those patients who are afflictted with the former, are generally exempt from the dangers of the latter.

Persons of a gouty or rheumatic habit, as well as the aged, often discharge a white-reddish gravel, Which not only obstructs and suppresses the emission of urine, but by its stimulus occasions colic, vomiting, and other spasms. There is a peculiar bodily disposition required for the generation of this painful disease; but it is also remarkably promoted by the use of sour wines; hard food, or such as is With difficulty digested, especially cheese; a sedentary life, etc. - For the cure of the gravel, only the mildest diuretics (which see) ought to be resorted to ; perspiration should be supported by gentle means, particularly by friction with warm flannel; moderate exercise is never to be neglected; and the patient's diet, as well as his mode of living in general, must be regulated by appropriate temperance, and abstinence from all heating food and drink.