Guelder-Rose, or Viburnum, L. a genus of plants comprising twenty-two species, two of which are natives of Britain.

1. The Lantana, Mealy Guelder-rose, Pliant Mealy Tree, or Wayfaring Tree, which grows in calcareous soils to the height of 18 or 20 feet, in woods and hedges ; it produces large white flowers in May, and black farinaceous berries in October. The young branches and rind of the trunk of this species may be employed for bands and cords. It is, however, chiefly esteemed for its beautiful foliage, which renders it an ornament to parks and plantations. The bark of its root is used for the pre-paration of bird-lime ; the berries attract birds, and are of a drying, astringent nature.

2. The Opulus, Common Guelder-rose, or Water Elder, which grows in woods and damp hedges.} bears white blossoms in May or June, and red berries in Septem-ber. - When in bloom, this tree exhibits a singularly tine appearance : the flowers, though small, are formed into large globular umbels, whence it is sometimes called the Snow-ball tree - Birds are en-ticed by the red berries, but will not eat them. - According to Bechstein, these berries may be preserved in vinegar, and the tough, hard wood is employed by shoe-makers for small pegs of heels.