Hawkweed, or Hieracium, L. a native genus of perennial plants, comprising forty-six spe-cies, the principal of which are.:

1. The Pilosella, Mouse-ear Hawkweed, which grows in dry-meadows, pastures, and on walls its flowers possess the singular property of opening in the morning, and closing early in the afternoons they blow from May to September. This species differs from other lac tescent plants, being less bitter, and more astringent, on which account it was formerly esteemed in the cure of blood-spitting. - It is considered as noxious to sheep, which are not partial to it ; and though eaten by goats, it is refused by horses and cows.

2. The auricula, Narrow-leaved -Hawkweed, or Umbelled Mouse-ear, thrives on mountains, in the county of Westmorland, and flowers in the month of July. It de-serves to be cultivated on the borders of gardens where bees are kept; for,accordingtoBECHSTEiN, it furnishes them with an abun-dance of wax and honey.