Herb-Paris, or True-love, One-Berry, or Four-leaved True-love, Paris quadrifolia, L:: an indigenous phut, growing in woods and shady places; and flowering in the .month of May or June.

The dark, brown berries of this plant, possess a narcotic smell, and are fatal to poultry. If inadvertently eaten by children or adults, they occasion vomiting and spasm. in' the stomach The expressed juice of the berries, however i said to be useful in inflammations of the eyes; and both the leaves and berries possess similar properties with opium. - According to Linnaeus, the root of the Herb-Paris may be employed as a substitute for Ipecacuanha: for it excites vomiting, if given in a double proportion. - Bohmer remarks, that the dried leaves impart a fine yellow colour to yarn or linen-cloth, which has been prepared in alum-water.