Hollyhock, or Alccarosea, L. a beautiful exotic plant, frequently cultivated in our gardens. It is a native of China; grows to the height of 8 or 9 feet; and nearly the whole of its stalk is covered with white, red, brown, yellow, or variegated flowers, that continue to blow till September.

The hollyhock is propagated either by seeds, deposited in drills, about the middle of April, on beds of light earth, and afterwards covered with soil about half an inch deep; or, by separating and setting the roots. As soon as the plants shoot forth a few leaves, they are removed into nursery beds, where they require to be well watered till they have taken root; after which no farther care will be necessary till the month of October, when they should be transplanted to those places where they are intended to remain.

Beside the ornamental appearance of this majestic plant, Dr. Bohmer informs us that the soft, fibrous, and woody parts of its stalks, without any addition of rags, produce a white and fine paper.