Horse-Bread, an expensive preparation given to horses, and consisting of wheat, oats, and beans ; to which are sometimes added, aniseed, liquorice, eggs, and ale ; at others, rye and white-wine.

There are three kinds of bread usually allowed to race-horses, for the second, third, and fourth nights' feeding; all of which are prepared with wheat, and beans worked with yeast; the difference in the proportions is as follows: in the first sort, a triple quantity of beans is used to one part of wheat; in the second, equal portions of both are employed ; in the third, three-fourths of wheat are added to one part of beans !

These artificial stimulants, however, produce only a temporary effect ; nor do they contribute to the future health and prosperity of the horse. Indeed, we doubt whether, in the present unprecedented state of the market, horse-racing can be reconciled to the principles of justice and humanity; unless it be admitted, that the fluctuating, though always exorbitant, price of corn, wit! in the last two years, must be attributed chiefly to the vile arts and evasions of the law, practised by monopolizers, regraters, fore-stalled, etc. These pests of society have apparently succeeded in creating a constant factitious scarcity, which, it is to be apprehended, will prevail, and elude the utmost vigilance of the magistrate, till the circulating medium be re-gulated, and the bank-notes of private individuals reduced to their true value.

After this involuntary digression from the subject, we shall conclude with stating a very useful practice, that is followed in many parts of Denmark and Germany, with a view to preserve the health of that noble animal, the horse; and at the same time to keep him in "good order."It simply consists in mixing a handful of the dried and pulverized seed of the common nettle, every morning and evening, with his allowance of oats. Others add a handful of salt to each meal, and occasionally a few boiled carrots, which remarkably contribute to render his flesh plump and firm. Of the good effects of nettle-seeds, we can speak from experience, having frequently observed that they improve the coat or hair of the animal, by producing an uncommon gloss and smoothness.