Matlock Waters, are those mineral springs which issue from the limestone-hill or rock,on which the village of Matlock, in Derbyshire, is situated. They are remarkable for their purity; and are both cold and tepid: the latter flow abundantly, and are partly collected into baths for medicinal purposes

The sensible qualities of the Matlock waters vary but little from those of good spring water, which they greatly resemble in taste; being perfectly clear ; divested of all acidulous flavour: and exhaling no steam, Unless during very cold or frosty weather.

These springs may be advantageously used in all cases, where pure diluent drink is necessary but they are chiefly resorted to for tepid bathing; and form a medium between the waters of Buxton or Bath, and those of the sea, for which last they may be beneficially substituted by invalids. Their temperature exceeds that of the cold bath only in a few degrees: and, as the Matlock waters produce a very slight shock, on immersion, they are particularly calculated for those persons whose delicate or Weakly frames are unable to support the sudden effects of the usual cold bath.