Olibanum, a gummy-resinous substance, obtained from the Juniperus lycia, L.—It is imported from the Levant, or the East Indies ; consisting of drops or tears, resembling those of Mastich, though rather larger : they are of a pale-yellowish, and sometimes reddish-colour, possess a moderately warm pungent taste, and a strong, though not agreeable smell.

Olibanum consists of about equal parts of gummy and resinous matters ; the former of which are soluble in water, and the latter in rectified spirit.

Many virtues were formerly attributed to this drug, which it does not really possess. According to RiverUS, however, it is highly serviceable in pleurisies, especially those of the epidemic kind; for which purpose, he directs a scooped apple to be filled with a drachm of olibanum, then covered and roasted under the ashes; this is to be taken for a dose, with three ounces of carduus water, and the patient to be covered up warm in bed : thus, in a short time, either a profuse perspiration, or a gentle diarrhoea ensues, and the disease in consequence disappears.