Poker, a well-known instrument, generally manufactured of iron ; and employed for stirring the fire-As many casualties occur from negligence, or imprudence, in leaving pokers in the fire, we shall state the following expedient, by which they may in future be prevented. It consists simply in welding or soldering a small cross of iron (projecting about an inch and a half each way), immediately above the square part of the poker, called the bit. By this contrivance, the instrument cannot be thrust into the fire farther than such bit; a circumstance of some advantage, • where fire-irons are highly polished. Besides, if the burning coals should yield, or any other accident happen, so as to cause the poker to slide out, it will probably be arrested on the edge of the fender. And, though it should fall on the hearth or carpet, neither of these will sustain any material injury ; as the heated part or bit, will b elevated several inches above the floor.