Polishing, in general, denotes the act of smoothening and imparting brightness to hard substances, such as metals, marble, glass, etc. by rubbing them with certain matters adapted to the purpose.

Having, on many occasions, stated different mineral and vegetable bodies that may be employed with the view of polishing metals (a summary account of which the reader will find in the concluding General Index of Reference), we shall at present only remark, that one of the most proper articles, in this respect.is the Asphodelus luteus, L. or Common Yellow Asphodel, the useful properties of which we have described vol. i. p. 130.—The stalks of this plant are somewhat thicker than a goose-quill; and, when dipped in Calcothar, or Crocus Martis (which may be had of the druggists), reduced to a paste with sweet-oil, and properly applied to iron and brass utensils, will not only render them exceedingly bright, but also prove a better preservative from the rust, than sandpaper, or other rough materials.