Polypody, or Polypodium, L. a genus of plants comprising. 142 species ; 18 of which are indigenous, but the following only deserve to be mentioned:

1. The vulgare, or Common Polypody, is perennial; grows on old walls, shady places, and at the roots of trees: it flowers from June till October.—The root of this plant has a sweetish taste; but, by long boiling, it becomes bitter. When fresh, it operates as a mild laxative, so that an infusion of six drams of this root, in half a pint of. boiling water, may be taken in divided doses.

2. The Filix-mas. See Fern the Male, vol. ii. p. 262.

3. The Oreopteris, or Heath Polypody, thrives on most of the dry hills of Scotland; also in moist woods, and mountainous situations of England. It flowers from July to October.—This plant is likewise perennial, and its leaves emit a very agreeable scent.