Pulse, in botany, a term applicable to all grains or seeds that are gathered with the hand ; being opposed to corn, etc. which are reaped or mown. It is more particularly employed to denote the seed of' leguminous vegetables, such as pease, beans, lentils,vetches, etc.; respecting the culture of which, the reader will find an account under those respective articles.

All pulse contains a large portion of fixed air, and also of crude indigestible particles : if eaten too frequently, or in immoderate quantities, leguminous vegetables are apt to produce flatulency and cos-tivenesss ; for, as such earthy particles cannot assimilate with the human fluids, they often remain in the body undigested, for a considerable length of time, to the consequent injury of the alimentary canal. Hence, persons of relaxed habits ought to eat them sparingly, and, in preparing pease-soup, to boil the pease undivided; by which simple expedient they may avoid the oppression of the bowels, and the heart-burn ; which are generally occasioned, when these pulse are split, and deprived, of their husks: