Rattle-Snake-Root, or Poly gala Senega, L. is a native of North America, whence it has been introduced into Britain. It is propagated by planting the roots in beds of light rich earth, and sheltering them from the severity of the winter, by means of tanners' bark.—This plant flowers in Britain in the month of July; having received its name from its supposed efficacy in curing the bite of rattle-snakes.- On account of its powerfully emetic and purgative properties, it has been found of great service in pleurisies ; though we consider it a very hazardous remedy, that cannot with safety be taken in pleuritic, or other inflammatory affections, unless prescribed by a professional man.- As this root promotes ex-pectoration, and the secretion of urine, it has often been advantage-ously given both to the asthmatic, in whom pituitous humours abound, and to the dropsical, in doses of 10 or 15 grains, combined with a little sugar; but such patients must observe a strictly cooling regimen, and neither indulge in wine nor animal food.