Roe, in ichthyology, denotes the eggs or spawn of fish.

The roes of male fishes are usually denominated soft roes, or melts; as those of females are known under the names of hard roes, or spawn.—Both vary in size, according to the fish from which they are obtained. Those of cod, for in-stance, when pickled, are greatly esteemed at the tables of the luxurious. Such rancid food, however, ought not to be eaten by the invalid, the convalescent, or otherwise debilitated ; as, on account of its-crude nature, and peculiar acri-mony, it is very apt to cause indi-ftstion, with all its numerous evils, But, if the epicure cannot abstain from dishes of this description, he ought to enjoy them with great moderation; to make use of bis-cuits instead of new bread (as is usually eaten at his table), and thus, in some degree at least, to correct the oily quality of the roe.—See also Caviar.