Rocket, or Brassica Eruca, L. an exotic species of the cabbage, which was formerly cultivated to a considerable extent in gardens.— It is divided into two varieties, known under the names of the Wild and Garden Rocket.—This plant is propagated from seed, which is sown early in the spring : it flowers in the month of June. When used as a principal ingre-dient in summer salads, it is, on account of its pungency, always eaten together with endive, pur-slane, or similar cooling vegetables. With respect to its medicinal properties, the rocket is aperient, and expels flatulency. Its seeds are remarkably acrid, resembling mustard in flavour; for which spice they have often been used as a substitute.—According to Bradley, it is an useful vermifuge; and, when boiled, and applied externally, is said to remove spots from the face.—Bohmer informs us, that both the seeds and flowers of this herb may, in times of scarcity, be converted into bread.