Corn-Flag, the Common, or Gladiolus communis, L. a hardy, indigenous plant, growing in cornfields, from one to two feet high ; producing red and white, or purple flowers, in May and June, which are succeeded by abundance of roundish seeds, in August.

The Common Corn-flag may be easily propagated by off-sets from the roots; as it prospers well in any soil or situation. - The small, round, tuberous root is internally yellow, and reputed to be an excellent vulnerary, but this neglected vegetable is more important on account of its mealy nature. Pli n y probably alludes to it, in the XXIst Book of his Natural History, where he observes, that the root has a sweet taste; and, when boiled, not only imparts to Bread an agreeable flavour, but increases its weight. - The blossoms of this plant supply bees with honey.