Manmanure. - The utility of clay on poor lands has already been stated in this article, vol. iii. p. l6l : we now submit the following fact to the consideration of our readers. - In the 2d vol. of " Communications to the Board of Agriculture" a paper is inserted on the use of clay and marle, by Mr. Jo-siah RodwELl, on whom the Board conferred their gold medal. Thirty years since, Mr. R. hired a farm, consisting of 1400 acres, the greater part of which was poor heath land : during that period, he has broken up and manured the soil with nearly 140, 000 loads of clay and marle, at the expence of 4958l.: his indefatigable labours have been amply compensated, and the rental of the farm has been increased from 1501. to 700l. per annum. - Fads, like these, demand most serious attention ; and those of our readers, who wish to acquire minute information respecting Mr. R.'s management, will consult the valuable work above cited.