Privies are certain places of retirement, which require no farther definition. - As they frequently emit an odour alike inconvenient and unwholesome, either from neglect in cleansing them, or from the low situation of the houses to which they may be annexed, such fetor may be destroyed by throwing into them a mixture of lime-water and a ley of ashes, or of soap-suds : thus, the most offensive exhalations may be effectually removed, at a trifling expence. By a similar process, vessels may be kept in the apartments of the sick, where night-chairs cannot be easily procured, without emitting the least offensive smell: for, if 5 or 61bs. of quick-lime, a small quantity of ashes, and two buckets of water, be thrown into a tub, adapted for the purpose by a proper lid, such composition will effectually, prevent any fetid effluvia ; and the feculent matter, thus neutralized, becomes an excellent manure. - See also Close-stool : vol. ii.