Red Ink. - Although we have already (vol iii. p. 483) inserted two methods of preparing Red Ink, yet as it appears from the experiment made by one of our co respondents, that the second process, extracted from the last edition of "Chambers's Encyclopaedia, '" has not proved successful, we shall add a third, on the authority of M. Hochheimer ; who positively asserts, that the characters written with the following preparation, had not undergone the least change, but retained their lively red hue, during a period often years.

" Take of the best Brazil-wood, 4 oz.; pulverized alum, and purified crystals of tartar, of each 1 oz. Boil these substances together (we believe, most properly, in a well tinned vessel), with two pints of filtered river-water, till one half of the fluid be evaporated. While the liquor is warm, add the best, white gum-arabic, and double refined sugar, of each one oz." - M. Hochheimer remarks, that the acid of tartar is the most essential ingredient in this ink, and tends to preserve its beautiful red colour; though we confess, that want of leisure has not permitted us to repeat the experiment.