Sail Cloth, a strong texture, made of hemp, for the purpose of supplying ships with sails. - Al-though considerable quantities of valuable article are annually manufactured in Britain, yet as they are not only inadequate to the demand for the navy, but, being subject to the mildew, are consequently less durable than the sailcloth imported from North America, we shall state the following expedient, adpoted in that country, by which the cloth may be greatly improved. It simply consists in moistening the warp, in the loom, with a decoction or gelatinous substance prepared from the refuse of neats'-feet (after the oil is expressed), which is boiled in water, till it is converted into a kind of glue. The weavers of this article, in Britain, employ a paste made of flour and water, which necessarily renders the cloth brittle; whereas, by using the animal preparation above mentioned, the sail-cloth will not only be rendered more durable, bu the expence may be lessened, and an article, that is at present thrown away, may thus be usefully employed.