Scabious, or Scabiosa, L. a genus of plants comprising 42 species, 3 of which are indigenous and perennial, namely:

1. The succisa, or Devil's-bit Scabious, grows in fields and pastures, where it flowers from June till August. - According to Lin-NEus, the dried leaves of this plant are employed to impart to wool a yellow or green colour ; the latter of which, however, is more completely extracted from the blossoms, and may be communicated even to linen. - A decoction of this herb is likewise of service, when applied, by way of fomentation, to the hoofs of horses injured by nails. - C derive nourishing food from this vegetable.

2. The arvensis, or Field Scabious, grows in similar places, and flowers in the month of July or August. - This herb is, according to Dr.Withering, slightly astringent, bitter, and saponaceous; it is eaten by sheep and goats, but neither relished by horses nor cows. - From the Field Scabious, a green dye is likewise obtained for wool; and its reddish-blue flowers are fondly visited by bees.

3. The columbaria, or Small Scabious, grows on dry hilly pastures, and blows from June to September. - The blueish-lilac flowers of this species are also very grateful to bees : and the whole plant is eaten by horses, goats, and especially by sheep.