Shagreen, or Chagreen, is a kind of rough. leather, pre- -i from the skin of the spotted Shark, .

For this purpose, the skin of the fish is first stripped, then extended on a table, and covered with bruised mustard-seed: it is thus exposed to the weather, for several days, and afterwards tanned.

The best shagreen is imported . from Constantinople, It is of a brownish east, and very Lard ; but, when immersed in water, it becomes soft, and pliable ; and may be dyed of any colour.

Shagreen is often countefeited, by preparing morocco leather in the same manner as the skin of the flish above mentioned : such fraud ;may, however, be easily detected by the surface of the spurious manufacture, l or scaling off, While that of the genuine article remains perfectly sound. - Shagreen is employed principally in the manufacture of cases for mathematical instruments, watches, etc. though it is sometimes used for covering books.