Shaving is the aft of removing the hair from the beard, by means of a razor.

This operation greatly contributes to cleanliness ; and though, from peculiar Circumstances, a person be prevented from performing it regularly, yet the chin ought to be shaved every second day, or at least twice in the week, both to avoid the slovenly appearance, and the uncomfortable sensation, which such neglect necessarily occasions. For this purpose, the face ought to be previously washed with tepid water, and a thick lather laid on, with a proper brush. The part of. the skin, from which the hair is to be cleared, should then be gently stretched with the fingers of the left hand, while the razor is applied in a flat position, and with a considerable degree of pressure forwards : being at the same time drawn obliquely downwards.

After the operation, the face ought to be washed with cold water, and the instrument wiped perfectly dry, either on a cloth or soft leather. For the proper management of Razors, previously to shaving, the reader will consult that article in its alphabetical series.