Simarouba, or Quassia Simaroula, L. an exotic tree growing in Guiana, and also in Jamaica, where it attains a considerable height and thickness. - Its bark is used in medicine, and is imported in long pieces of a yellowish colour, and a strong bitter taste. Being mildly astringent, it has been advantageously prescribed in doses of half a dram, in the form of a decoction, to be repeated every third or fourth hour, in bloody and other alvine fluxes, and towards the termination of putrid fevers ; when it restores the tone of the intestines ; allays their spasmodic irritation ; promotes the secretions by perspiration and urine ; while it disposes the patient to refreshing sleep. It should, however, be remarked, that such medicine would be highly improper, where an inflammatory disposition prevails, or a suppuration in the bowels is apprehended : nor can it be taken with safety, when the alimentary canal is obstructed. - In a state of powder, the Simarouba may be taken in doses from 10 to 20 grains, every three or four hours.