Siskin, or Fringilla spinius, L. a beautiful bird of passage, which frequents Britain at uncertain periods. Its wings are spotted with yellow, being black at the points. - It is found most frequently in the county of Sussex, where it is known under the name of the barley-bird, from its appearance during the season for sowing that grain.

The Siskin is very docile, and may be easily tamed : it is esteemed on account of the. melody of its notes ; and, being rather scarce, is sold at a greater price than its song deserves. Although it chiefly subsists on the seeds of the fir and pine-trees, and in autumn, on those of thistles and burdock, yet it is also very partial to hop-seeds, committing great depredations in the gardens of that valuable plant. Hence, we refer the proprietors of hop-grounds to the articles Bird-catching, and Bird-limE.