Snap-Dragon, or Antirrhinum, L. a genus of plants consist-ing of fifty-three species, eleven of which are indigenous : the following are the principal :

1. The Elatine, or Sharp-pointed Toad-flax. See Fluellin.

2. The Linaria. See Toad-Flax.

3. The majus, or Greater Snap-dragon, grows on old walls, especially on the chak-cliffs near Dover and Gravesend, where it flowers in the months of June and July. - This herb was formerly in great repute among the superstitious ; but, at present, an excellent lamp-oil is expressed from its seeds in Germany.

4. TheOrontium, Calf's-snout, or Lesser Snap-dragon, thrives in corn and turnip-fields, and bears purplish flowers covered with a yellow down, in the months of July and August. - This narcotic, poisonous plant, ought to be carefully extirpated.