Soal, or Sole, Pleuronecle solea, I, a fish that abounds on the British coasts, and is of various siizes; those taken on the western shores Weighing from six. to seven pounds each ; while such as are caught on the eastern coast, seldom exceed one, or at the utmost, two pounds in weight. The upper part of its body is of a deep-brown colour, and the belly is perfectly white.

These fish are taken by means of trawl-nets, at even year ; but, by the 1 and 3 Geo. I. c. 18, they are prohibited to be caught, it less than seven inches in length, from the eye to the tip of the tail.

Soles are highly esteemed on ac-t of their delicate flavour; the facility with which they are digested ; and the rich nutriment they afford : these good qualities, however, are supposed to decrease in proportion to their larger size. Hence, the most diminutive are justly preferred ; but they ought to be dressed as sum as possible, because their delicacy is impaired by keeping.