Tansy, the Common, or Tanacetum Vulgare, L. an indigenous perennial, growing in elevated meadows and pastures, on the batiks of rivers, and in swampy situations ; flowering in the month of June.

This plant possesses a warm, bitter taste: it is deobstruent, not ungrateful to the palate ; and may be used as a substitute for hops. tender leaves are sometimes employed to impart a colour and flavour to puddings : according to Dr. Withering, its seeds are an excellent vermifuge ; and, if any animal substance be rubbed with this herb, it will be effectually preserved from the attacks of the Flesh-Fly. - Tansy-tea is recommended as a preventive of the gout. - From the expressed juice of this vegetable, the Finlanders obtain a green dye. - The plant is eaten by cows and sheep, but refused by horses, goats, and hogs.